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“Logs arrived today. Have been using Frank Haighton logs for quite a few years now and would not use any other, the logs are kiln dried, burn long and slow but catch easily, always delivered quickly and an amazing price. Brilliant service from a family firm.” Jan and Paul Mason, Andover

“These logs are excellent. Terrific service and they burn so well. Do beware though they burn hot even in my 9kw double door fire I only need one log at a time which burns for about an hour. More expensive than seasoned wood but I have been converted so far well worth the money.” Julie White

“I have been using Frank Haighton Logs for my firewood for many years now. I find the services reliable, quick and always with a smile. They are very easy to deal with. The logs are always dry, clean and burn lovely and my chimney has never been cleaner. I would recommend this company to anyone.” M Seymour

Dear Most Loyal Customers,

Our goal is always to provide our very best product so that our customers are happy. It’s also our goal to continue improving. That’s why we value your feedback. We would love to hear from you. Feel free to write a comment below so we can learn about any concerns you have.

New customers love to read a testimonials too, this helps with trust and gives them a customers point of view.

Thank you so much for taking the time to provide me with an online testimonial. It is truly appreciated.

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Frank Haighton

17 thoughts on “Testimonials for Frank Haighton Logs”

  1. I have been buying my logs from Frank for the last 6 years and wouldn’t go anywhere else. The logs burn efficiently and economically and the service from Frank is always excellent.

  2. A new customer this year. Previously used a local chap, but found the quality of logs very poor. Lots of Horse Chestnut amongst the good stuff and the odd fence post too! Very pleased with the logs from Frank Haighton – top quality and reasonably priced too.

  3. We have been buying logs from Frank Haighton for years now, and have been very pleased with his service. Last year we tried his kiln dried logs and agree that they are worth the extra money. They burn really well and are better for the environment.

  4. Just recently bought a load of kiln dried logs serving both my log burner & open fire & I am so delighted with the quality. They burn for such a long time~ I wish I had known about this company years ago!
    Highly recommend

  5. I have used Frank three times now and he has always delivered when arranged. The logs are ideal and are ideal for our burner. Recommended.

  6. These are marvellous logs (we buy the kiln dried) and have been getting them for a few years now. The service from Frank and his team is excellent, too.

  7. First time user. The wood looks very good. I opted for the kiln dried. Looking forward to a cold snap!

  8. Have been a customer for several years. Excellent kiln dried logs, especially for a log burner. Dependable quality, reliable delivery, very good value for money. Very good all round service. Unreservedly recommended trader.

  9. We have been ordering our logs and kindling from Frank Haighton and family for many, many years and they deliver promptly to us here in Abbotts Ann. I’m really impressed with the kiln dried logs and in these days of exploitation of increasing fuel costs etc I get the impression that they actually could choose to make some rapid increase in prices but they have instead remained absolutely ethical and honest and only increase prices each year with a relatively light touch. We value this. and I value this old fashioned approach to business and unhesitatingly recommend them to anyone wanting lovely logs at fair prices. The only thing I’d really also like is a stacking service to save my knees ….. please …. 🙂

  10. Great large load of all hardwood logs delivered late last year, they are a nice size that fits our smaller stove. Makes a heck of a dent in our heating costs.
    Would recommend to anyone.

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