Kiln Dried Logs

If you have been burning our 2 year old seasoned firewood then kiln dried logs are going to be a real treat for you!

Our Kiln dried logs have an 10-20% moisture content which means they are clean burning with high heat output and leave less flue and chimney residue than seasoned barn dried firewood.

Although it is almost certainly cheaper to buy semi-seasoned barn dried firewood the cost in lower heat output and potential damage to your chimney flue can make poor quality firewood far more costly in the long run.

We produce the kiln dried logs in our purpose built kiln barn, using Biomass Technology fueled from the by-product created in our sawmills. Our environmentally friendly approach means that nothings goes to waste and we will always be able to supply dry firewood on demand.

As a local provider of wood fuel, we are making it easy for customers to find wood fuels that have been certified as Ready to Burn and that meet new legal requirements that come into force from 1 May 2021 in England.

We recommend you give kiln dried firewood a try as research has shown it is very efficient and cost effective. If you have any questions please don’t hestitate to contact¬†Frank Haighton¬†directly to talk through the benefits of switching.

Our kiln dried logs are cut to approx. 9 inches in length and can be delivered locally within 5 days for FREE with a full load.

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4 thoughts on “Kiln Dried Logs”

  1. Thank you for your post. This really isn’t a problem with kiln dried or seasoned wood. It would take a long time for the rain to soak into the centre of the firewood. But we would recommend that you get your firewood undercover shortly after it is delivered. This will ensure that the wood can be used immedietly. Even if it was left out for a day or two it wouldn’t take long to dry out again. Your firewood should be stored undercover in a well ventalated area and stacked correctly. A large log basket indoors should be used for the wood your just about to burn.

  2. I have been using Frank Haighton Logs for my firewood for many years now. I find the services reliable, quick and always with a smile. They are very easy to deal with. The logs are always dry, clean and burn lovely and my chimney has never been cleaner. I would recommend this company to anyone.

  3. These logs are excellent. Terrific service and they burn so well. Do beware though they burn hot even in my 9kw double door fire I only need one log at a time which burns for about an hour. More expensive than seasoned wood but I have been converted so far well worth the money.

  4. Logs arrived today. Have been using Frank Haighton logs for quite a few years now and would not use any other, the logs are kiln dried, burn long and slow but catch easily, always delivered quickly and an amazing price. Brilliant service from a family firm.

    Jan and Paul Mason Andover

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