Full Load

Full Load = 1.5 Cubic Metres loose loaded logs

Prices per load of cubic meter loose loaded logs

Prices from 1st March 2022

Seasoned Double Load | 3 Cubic Metres = £275
Kiln Dried Double Load = £315
Seasoned Full Load | 1.5 Cubic Metres = £150
Kiln Dried Full Load = £175
Seasoned Half Load | 1 Cubic Metre = £115
Kiln Dried Half Load = £125
Kindling Wood per sack £6 

What is loose loaded logs?

Once the firewood has been dried they can be cleanly poured onto our trucks and swiftly delivery. Each truck is measured and divided up into cubic metre sections. The logs are loose loaded directly into these cubic metre sections via our specially designed machinery. Please note: to offer our customers a quick efficient service the logs are NOT neatly stacked at this stage and our measured accordingly. See our photos here.

We offer 2 year old seasoned logs and kiln dried firewood and we are able to deal with any size commercial or domestic log firewood order. Any special orders, different from the boxes below please call 07802 373399.

Our seasoned, barn stored hardwood logs and kiln dried logs are for open fires and wood burners, are approximately 9 inches long and have already been split ready for burning. Each box will come with a selection of hardwoods of Oak, Ash and Beech.

You can order by phone, email or by filling in the order form on our order page. We can delivery to Hampshire and Berkshire areas. Every customer will be contacted by phone for confirmation and to make arrangements of your delivery of firewood.

Delivery is free on a full load within a 18 mile radius and will be made Mon-Sat at an arranged time. Please call for a delivery quotation. We now deliver to Basingstoke and Winchester area and we have always delivered to Andover, Newbury and Marlborough locations.

Payment on delivery of Cash or Cheque is acceptable.



L Strange 

26 Sep 2016 “Thank you so much for another excellent delivery of perfect logs. You guys are awesome.”

L Williams

23 Dec 2015 “Had my first ever delivery from Frank today. The load was much bigger then I expected (struggled to find somewhere to store it all!) and it was obviously well seasoned. I would definitely recommend. One happy and warm customer. Thanks.”

Charles Bone

18 Dec 2014 “Delivered as agreed. Excellent dry logs at about 3% on my moisture meter and it burns brilliantly.”