To place an order please use our order form or call:

Mobile: 07802 373399
Office: 01264 736297

Delivery is free on a full load within a 18 mile radius and will be made Mon-Sat at an arranged time. Please call for a delivery quotation. We deliver to Andover, Newbury, Marlborough, Winchester and Basingstoke locations.

How we measure our loads

Once the firewood has been dried they can be cleanly poured onto our trucks and swiftly delivery. Each truck is measured and divided up into cubic metre sections. The logs are loose loaded directly into these cubic metre sections via our specially designed machinery. Please note: to offer our customers a quick efficient service the logs are NOT neatly stacked at this stage and our measured accordingly. See our photo here.

Clean firewood
Clean Firewood


We source and cut all of our firewood ourselves, see our About Us page for more information on where our logs come from.

This means that if you require a special order, whether it is quantity or type of wood, then please call us to make arrangements.

Sawn Timber is made to order, please call 07802 373399 for more details.

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“Thank you for your order and I will contact you shortly to confirm your delivery”.

Many thanks

Frank Haighton