To place an order, please use our order form:

If more than 10 bags are required, please detail in “Any other information” at the bottom of this form.
NOTE: A delivery charge of £10 may be added depending on distance of delivery address from our log yard.

Delivery if free within an 18 miles by road of our Yard postcode. Over 18 miles a delivery charge will occur – please call for a quotation.

Once you have received your Log order please can you send us your Testimonials to help other customers in their decision making.

How we measure our loads

Once the firewood has been dried they can be cleanly poured onto our trucks and swiftly delivery. Each truck is measured and divided up into cubic metre sections. The logs are loose loaded directly into these cubic metre sections via our specially designed machinery. Please note: to offer our customers a quick efficient service the logs are NOT neatly stacked at this stage and our measured accordingly. See our photo here.

Clean firewood
Clean Firewood

We source and cut all of our firewood ourselves, see our About Us page for more information on where our logs come from.

This means that if you require a special order, whether it is quantity or type of wood, then please call us to make arrangements.

Sawn Timber is made to order, please call 07802 373399 for more details.

“Thank you for your order and I will contact you shortly to confirm your delivery. We will either phone or email within 48hrs, please check your Spam/Junk. “

Many thanks

Frank Haighton

2 thoughts on “Order”

  1. Frank and his team have delivered logs to me for the last 20 plus years (could be longer). These are the best logs around. I would never buy my logs from anyone else. Top class reliable service. Top class logs, properly seasoned, every log burns as it should. Thanks Frank & team

  2. We have used Frank for logs for quite a number of years now. They burn extremely well. The service is exceptional. Orders are delivered on time.No complaints here.

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